Our Approach

Client Consultation

Partner with our client to lead the search process from start to finish. The client is kept informed of progress and findings throughout the search process. RSA will work to establish a mutual understanding of search requisites.

Search Contract

RSA will immediately follow-up with a Search Contract which outlines and summarizes the search process and fee arrangements. Upon arrival and acceptance of a “Search Contract Agreement” we will commence the search process.


RSA Executive Search maintains an extensive database of prospective candidates from Managers, Directors, VPs and C level executives. In addition, our extensive reach into the marketplace gives us access to the best and brightest. Our research department works diligently to identify, assess, manage and engage the strongest candidates and are experienced and trained to look beyond the essential job requisites to identify the core skills and personal attributes that lead to a closer fit for the client assignment. RSA Executive Search adheres to the highest standards of quality, discretion and ethical practices. Qualified candidates are presented to the client with our recommendations of those who best meet client requisites and culture.


Client/Candidate Interviews: We service both client as well as candidate to follow up on respective reactions and outcomes of interviews; keeping all parties apprised of career/employment expectations and demands.

Hiring Decision

When the client and candidate show mutual interest, we begin the reference checking process. We will never contact references who may jeopardize the candidate’s current employment. RSA is available to offer guidance in composing a package that will have the best chance of being mutually agreeable and beneficial to both parties. The negotiating process may be lengthy and may involve a series of issues including compensation, relocation and details of the total compensation and benefits package. RSA will assist and serve as a liaison between the client and the targeted executive in the sensitive negotiation through offer utilizing proprietary resources to advise on compensation and contractual agreements.

Follow Up

We maintain contact with the respective individuals to assist in the transition process, after completion of the assignment to insure that both parties are satisfied.

Send Us A Resume

If you would like to learn more about RSA executive search and the services we provide, we invite you to contact us at info@rsaexecsearch.com. RSA executive search conducts searches involving candidates currently at Senior Director, Vice President level and C-suite. If you would like to be entered into our active database, please e-mail your resume in Word format.